I’m on Kindle!

Just got word that The Story in the Stars is now available on Kindle. Check it out!

Of course if you want me to autograph your copy, you’ll have to buy a print version. The official release date for that is June 30, but I’m told they’ll probably be available sooner. So stay tuned!

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The Unforgivable

I’ve now read all the books put out by my publisher to date. This isn’t the latest release, but it’s the one I’ve read most recently.

The Unforgivable
by Tessa Stockton
Publisher: Risen Books (2011)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1936835003
272 pages

Book #1 in the Wounds of South America series.

Mild-mannered quilter and spinster Genevieve Taylor has fallen love with a monster. Or at least, that’s what people call him. They say Carlos Cornella is a murderer, a kidnapper, a torturer, a sociopath. Even the devil incarnate.

He’s accused of the worst war crimes in the history of Argentina. He’s despised by a wounded nation, and what he’s done is considered unforgivable. But Genevieve knows him as something else: a handsome, charming gentleman with a disturbing past he prefers not to talk about. A man who carries great pain.

A person whom God sees as a treasure.

They say there are two sides to every coin, and the author explores sides to the human rights coin you might never have known existed. If it’s thought-provoking you want, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of us who aren’t from South America don’t know much about Argentina’s so-called Dirty War, unless we knew people who lived there in the 1970s and ’80s. Though this story will introduce you to that horror, it’s far more than a political tale. The novel is a graphic illustration of what the Gospel message is all about, and an exploration of how our lives will be changed once we take Christ’s work of redemption seriously. No matter what the political climate.

Personally, I’d prefer to see the story on a different stage than a romantic one; I think the hormonal influence dilutes the thrust of the message, just a little. But the author manages to pull it off, portraying the characters in their multiple facets with a haunting believability. Exhibiting a comfortable familiarity with the subjects she touches upon, she spreads out for the hungry reader a veritable feast for thought.

This amazing book is available in paperback or e-book.

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To market, to market, to buy a fat pig…

I recently read a discussion thread in which people were congratulating a writer on signing a publishing contract. Said one fellow author, “Congratulations! Now the real work begins!”

Yeah. I hear ya.

Though I’d planned to devote most of this week to drafting my WIP, I’ve spent more time than anything on preparing to publicize my first novel, scheduled for release June 30.

This is a complex, consuming aspect of the business of writing, and one I don’t enjoy. Several times recently I’ve thought, “Isn’t this one reason I soured on Virtual Assistance?”

Yes. That was a very big reason. I despise marketing in every form, but it’s one of those necessary evils. Many business owners prefer to delegate the responsibility to others (I see why!), which affords wonderful opportunities to Virtual Assistants who like this sort of thing. I’m not one of them; it makes me break out in hives.

But here I am, contemplating book launch strategies and looking for ways to build my market base, thinking I should have stuck with Virtual Assistance — at least a VA gets paid to do this…

No, I’d much rather promote my own writing than someone else’s product — particularly when I’m not excited about that other person’s product. But I am excited about my own. Last weekend, while proofing the galleys, I realized that I even if I weren’t the author, I’d really like this book. I’m not ashamed to put my name on it (even though I can’t figure out how to shrink the image enough so that you can see my name on it in this picture). I’m excited about other people reading it. And that makes marketing it a little easier.

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Book Review: The Gentlemen’s Conspiracy

The Gentlemen’s Conspiracy
by Nick Daniels
Publisher: Risen Books (2009)
Language: English
ISBN# 978-0-9840931-1-3
319 Pages

Since I’m publishing with Risen Books, and since they’re so new, I decided I’d read everything in the house to date. Toward that end, a couple weeks ago I read The Gentlemen’s Conspiracy by Nick Daniels. It’s his debut book.

The back-cover blurb says: “London, 1836. An aristocrat is murdered after finding incriminating letters from a secret society. When amateur geologist Daniel Young inquires about his friend’s murder, he discovers a plot to overthrow the king of England. Plunged into a crisis of faith and separated from the woman he loves, Daniel must stop the killer before becoming the next victim. He soon realizes that the conspiracy not only threatens to destroy the king, but the foundation of Christianity itself.”

The author is a former science journalist, and his background shows. Several actual historical figures make appearances in the book, and if you’re familiar with the origins of modern evolutionary and old-earth theories, their names will be familiar (Charles Lyell, Georges-Louis Leclerc, and Jean-Pierre Laplace, to name a few).

Though the setting is historical, the themes are relevant for today. How scientifically sound is the concept of an old earth? How committed are modern scientists to a free and open discussion of ideas? Does the church compromise biblical truth for the sake of modernity? Does academia conspire to hide evidence that contradicts their pet theories?

All these questions, and more, are raised in a fast-moving story of a young man caught in a web of intrigue, all without a hint of haughtiness or preaching. It shows a sound understanding of the subject matter and evidences good research.

There’s plenty of action here, along with intrigue, well-drawn characters, and of course romance (gotta have that!), and the story gives the reader food for thought. In my book, that’s the definition of a satisfying read.

Daniels’ next book is coming out this fall. Instead of going back in time, The Jihad’s Messiah looks into the future and speculates about apocalyptic events. It’s the first in a new series.

I’m looking forward to reading it – and not just because it’s from Risen Books.

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Call Retreat!

Sometimes you just have to get away for a while.

Several months ago, one of my critique partners, Susan Lawrence, suggested that our crit group have a retreat. The group thought it was a lovely idea, so she went ahead and planned it. She invited some local writer friends of hers as well, and reserved Parr Lodge for us at the lovely Pine Lake Camp in Eldora, IA.

Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans… Conflicts came up for one person and then another, until the original number of twelve attendees was whittled down to a mere five! Argh!

But you know what? We five had a wonderful time. We each accomplished our personal writing goals for the weekend, got to know and quickly grew to love another, and shared some sweet sisterhood in Christ.

Thank you, Susan, for all your hard work in organizing and carrying it out. (She did all the cooking! And everything was excellent!) Also, thank you for inviting your friends Glenda Mathes and Angela Johnson, each of whom are lovely ladies and excellent writers. I enjoyed getting to know them. Also, Edna Allen attended (she has no site to link to yet, but she’s working on it!). I met her and Susan a couple years earlier at a mentoring retreat with Heart of America Christian Writers Network, but never had the opportunity to really get to know her before.

So we retreated, and then came back energized, refreshed, and inspired. Sometimes it’s great to just turn tail and run.

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