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Notable Quote

I ran across a quote on Noel De Vries‘s blog. And no, she’s not paying me to plug her. It’s a quote from author Frank Cottrell Boyce, about writing. I won’t elaborate, just share the wisdom: Tranquility and control provide … Continue reading

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What a Book Teaches

Sometimes I think there are too many movie remakes and sequels, as if screenwriters are too afraid, or too uncreative, to come up with anything new. Not that I watch that many movies — I’d rather read a good book … Continue reading

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Writing Contests: Why Bother?

The following is an article posted earlier this week on another blog to which I contribute, Novel Journey. I’m reproducing it here because it’s timely and I’d like to discuss the same thing here, and because I’m too lazy to … Continue reading

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Pruning Season

In this climate, fruit trees and vines are usually pruned between late fall, after the leaves have fallen, and early spring, before new growth begins. My husband and I like to do it on warm winter days when we want … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction: The Universe v. Jah

A professional Virtual Assistance organization of which I’m a former member promotes the belief and practice of the “Law of Attraction” (LOA). Simply put, this is the idea that “like attracts like.”  That is, if you emit positive vibes, positive … Continue reading

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