A Beautiful Rainy Day

front porchWhy is a rainy day beautiful?

Last weekend was beautiful, and it was sunny. It seems most of the time we have a holiday weekend, the weather stinks and we can’t enjoy it. But this time it was perfect all weekend. Warm, sunny, low humidity. Who could ask for more?

We visited Shelley & the kids (Scott was out of town) on Friday and Saturday, and had a great time. Sunday afternoon and Monday, Craig and I played outside. That is, we put in the garden.

“What?” you gasp. “I thought your gardening days were over.” Well, I’d feared as much, but happily, that’s not the case. Craig tilled up a little garden plot (which, since we have a small city lot, takes up a large portion of the back yard), and the soil is rich and lovely, with no more rocks scattered through it than we had in Ohio. Woo hoo!backyard

Craig’s been building a shed at the back of the yard. As you can see from the picture, he got it framed and under roof before putting in the garden. He started putting the sides on it yesterday, but had to quit because of the rain.

Once the new shed is finished, we’ll tear down the rusted metal one in the corner. See it there between the two big pines?

fenced sectionBut back to the garden adventures. We were pleased to see how nice the soil is, but even though big rocks aren’t going to be a problem, we know critters will be. How do we know? Because everybody’s warning us. Also, we’ve seen rabbits, chipmunks, raccoon, and deer in the neighborhood, all notorious garden-wasters, so we know the warnings aren’t unwarranted.

So, hoping to minimize the damage, we put in a temporary fence around the section that has our pepper plants in it. (You can’t see the little baby plants very well in the pic, but they’re there. There’s one eggplant, too.) We didn’t have enough chicken wire to do the whole thing, nor even to include the tomatoes within its protection. See those funny looking things off to the side? Those are tomato cages wrapped with fabric to keep the critters from nibbling the plants inside.2014-05-29 16.30.03

We also planted a few flowers, as you can see from the first pic in this post. And I have a few herbs in pots perched on a tree stump. The yard was neglected for years, and everywhere I look, I see things that need to be done. But, one step at a time.

Funny how, once we got that veggie garden in, everything was right in the world.

One thing we didn’t do on the Memorial Day weekend was go to a parade, though that was what Memorial Day was all about when I was a kid in Bedford, Ohio. (To me, at least; I don’t know how other people felt about it.) My grandfather was the retired chief of the volunteer fire department, and he always rode in a firetruck in the parade. Dad, a WWII veteran, put on his uniform and marched; my sister played in the band, and my brother was a Boy Scout, at first; later he was in the marching band. My earliest memories of Memorial Day involve Mom getting everyone ready and out the door, then taking me later to watch the parade. I loved the parade and always wanted to march in it.

Stan in parade 1969
Stan in parade, 1969. (He’s the one with the Ohio flag.)

Eventually I did, of course, first as a Girl Scout and then in the band. The parade started at the old Moody Junior High (they’ve since torn it down and built a library in its place), went down Columbus Road to Broadway, turned left, and proceeded to the square. It stopped for a memorial service there, and then it went a little further down Broadway to the cemetery, where there was another service. (Why two? I don’t know; that’s just the way they did it.)

One thing I don’t remember about Memorial Day when I was a kid was nice weather; in my memory, it was either cold and rainy, or miserably hot. Usually the former. But it looks like it was a beautiful day when this picture was taken in 1969.

If I recall correctly, Memorial Day was always be May 31. [Correction: I’ve been advised by someone with a better memory of these things than I that the original date was May 30, not the 31st; and that it was called Decoration Day until 1967, when the official name was changed.] That was before someone decided to make all the national holidays on Monday, so people could have a long weekend. Mom used to call May 31st “Decoration Day,” [Note per correction above: So I guess it was the 30th she called that, and for good reason!] and before the day of the parade, we’d go to iristhe cemetery and tend to family graves. The plots had flowerbeds over them then, with pachysandra. Or was it creeping myrtle? Some sort of ground cover like that, and my parents weeded it every spring. Nowadays the flowerbeds are gone, and if you want to decorate with flowers, they have to be in containers.

Speaking of flowers and Memorial Day, my mom called irises “flags.” That confused me, because she spoke of flags in the same conversation as Decoration Day, both in relation to the cemetery, and I never knew if she meant flowers or the cloth-banner-type flags.

2014-05-29 16.28.08I took these pictures (except the one from 1969) this afternoon in the rain. The yard’s not as nice as it was over the weekend when the sun was shining. But the rain is beautiful. Want to know why? It’s good for the garden, for one thing. But the main reason is, Craig couldn’t work on the shed in the rain. (Power tools and water don’t mix.) So he went fishing instead–leaving me alone and uninterrupted for a couple of delightful, productive hours!

Not long enough to get this post finished, though. Since I started it, he came home, I made supper, and now it’s settling happily in my belly. It’s still raining. And it’s still beautiful.



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  1. Glad your garden is in! There was only 1 parade in our area, but not close to us. Instead we did something, I know we did, but I’m not sure what it was. LOL

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