Beauty is subjective, certainly. But no matter how we define it, there’s a lot of junk out there that’s un-lovely by any account. That’s why, as both a writer and a reader, I strive for something a little above the mundane.

And that’s why, when I ran across this blog post today, I wanted to share it with you. It’s thought-provoking.

When my daily path intersects true beauty, how often am I too hurried or distracted to notice?

I used to be a big Sherlock Holmes fan. Haven’t read any of the stories for quite a few years, but I recall a statement in one of the tales that the Holmes character made to Watson. Pointing out that the function of a flower is merely reproduction, he observed that the beauty is a benefit God gave us people, not a necessity for the plant itself.

Beauty isn’t vital to physical life. Nevertheless, God was not only gracious enough to fill the world with it, but He’s given us the ability to create it on our own small scale, like children imitating what they see Daddy do.

Let’s take the time to enjoy the gifts He’s given us and thank Him for the privilege.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. I know this is an old post, but I couldn’t resist:

    Eulogy for Beauty

    Beauty is an absent fugue;
    a hole in the lining of a jacket,
    a murky pit of fulsome mud we
    leap across to reach our bliss–
    a gummy solvent on the shelf, expiration outdated;
    a distraction, an obstacle, an embarrassment;
    a quaint reminder of an antiquated ritual;
    a cracked spyglass, a dusty relic.

    An uninterpretable hieroglyph, the consort of the
    unicorn; jumbled debris, dark and suspect,
    glimpsed under the virgin surface of sanitized water.

    It’s absence goes unnoticed
    but for a familiar echo across the
    landscape of the gut,
    the urgency of laughter,
    and the enduring compulsion
    to pedal quickly wherever we go.

    –lg (email to follow in the near future)

    1. Ummm… okay. It is, in fact, in the eye of the beholder, and methinks thine eye doth behold it a little differently from mine! But your poem is wonderfully chewy and thought-provoking. Thanks for wandering through the dusty relic of my old blog posts!

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