Monday Fun Day

Words coverI guess nobody had fun with this but me.

It’s been suggested that maybe my myriad adoring fans haven’t had time to read this book yet. Possible, I suppose. It’s also possible that they have better things to do with their time than completing a silly quiz.

Whatever the case, instead of giving you the answers to see how you scored (since nobody took the quiz), I’ll just babble about one of the questions.

Question 1 read:
1. What’s unusual about the first word in the book?
Here’s the story on that: the first word is the same as the last; the book begins and ends with the word end.

Maybe nobody thinks that’s interesting but me. But really, isn’t it just a little fun to start a book with the word “End?”

In the original manuscript, the ending was a little different from the final that went to print. Reagen Reed, my wonderful editor, and I both thought it ended a bit abruptly, and she suggested the addition of one more sentence to wrap it up. I wasn’t wild about the sentence she suggested, but I did think it was a good idea in concept. So I had the character Pik use an old Karkar adage a few times throughout the book, then quoted that adage to tie up the finale.

Personally, I think it turned out to be brilliant. Well, okay, maybe not brilliant. But I like it. And I like it better the more I think about it. Is that vain of me?

If that doesn’t arouse your curiosity, I’ll give you a puzzle to solve (not included in the quiz, but you’ll have to read the book to find it): What’s the hidden joke in Chapter 43? Hint: It has to do with a character’s name.

Okay, I’m done bothering you. Now go have fun. It’s Monday Fun Day, after all.

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Monday Fun Day: Quiz #2

Words coverFor lack of inspiration, I’ve decided to create another quiz to test your knowledge of Gannah. This time the questions all come from Book #2, Words in the Wind.

If you haven’t read it yet, shame on you! Don’t let the hokey cover art put you off. (I’m SO dissatisfied my covers! When my oldest daughter saw this one she said, “Oh, my, it’s even worse than the last one.”) The artwork is cartoony, but the content is not.

So here’s the quiz. I’ll reveal the answers sometime next year, ha ha. I hope you’ll find it fun, but you might find some of the questions a little more ambiguous than last time.

Meanwhile, have a Happy New Year!

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Monday Fun Day: Quiz Results #1

Some of us weirdlings find this quiz thing fun, so I just might do it again. The days that I dedicate to fun and games shall now hereby be known as Monday Fun Day instead of the usual Monday’s Musings.

Today is the day you’ve awaited the past week: The Great Answer Reveal, when you get to find out how well you did on the “Do You Get Gannah?” quiz. I’ve reproduced the ten questions below, with the correct answer in blue as well as the percentage of respondents who chose each answer. As you can see, most of the whopping eight (count ’em, 8) people who took the quiz know Gannah pretty well. But the only thing everyone agreed on was how Gannahans take care of their teeth.

Mintstick, anyone?

1.   The name Gannah is from the ancient language of the planet, which is similar to:
The Earthers’ classic Greek
The Karkar traditional Xlxoklokish
X   The ancient Hebrew of the Terrestrials   [62.5%]
King James English                                                       [37.5%]

2.  Dassa grew up in the province of Ayin, which is known for:
X   Trees with multi-colored foliage  [75%]
A dense population of elves
Mild winters                                                     [25%]
A low literacy rate

3. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Dr. Pik is the only one of his kind in the galaxy. That is, he is the offspring of:
A Karkar father and an Earthish mother                   [28.6%]
A Glenmarrian father and an Earthish mother
A Karkar father and a Cephargian mother
X An Earthish father and a Karkar mother  [71.4%]
[One respondent skipped this question]

4. The Gannahans were known throughout the galaxy as:
A violent, warlike people [12.5%]
A short, stocky race with near super-human capabilities
A people with bright-colored, piercing eyes
X All of the above        [87.5%]

5. The Karkar physical characteristics include:
X A tall, lanky frame                                            [50%]
Six fingers and toes on the left, five on the right [12.5%]
A swarthy complexion
All of the above                                                           [27.5%]
None of the above

6. Dr. Pick loves to play a strategy game similar to the Earthers’ game of chess. The game is called:
Hockphttf                [14.3%]
X   Hmmmjckt    [71.4%]
Chinese checkers
Ultimate zikzak
None of the above  [14.3%]
[One respondent skipped this question]

7.     Which two characters are starship captains?
X Edwin Broward and Dortius Dmitry    [71.4%]
Edwin Broward and Lawbby                                [28.6%]
James T. Kirk and Ferdinand Magellan
Dmitry and Lawbby
[One respondent skipped this question]

8. Before the Plague, Gannah had an unusual economic system. It involved:
Subcutaneous chips that are scanned upon making purchases [14.3]
Coins made from metal that changed shape according to the owner’s eye color
Paper money in the shape of leaves
All of the above
X None of the above                                                                        [71.4%]
[One respondent skipped this question]

9.     Which of the following describe the relationship between animals and humans on Gannah?
Humans considered all animals untrustworthy
Animals and humans could communicate                 [14.3%]
It was forbidden for a human to capture and imprison any animal for the purpose of domesticating it
X All of the above                                                        [71.4%]
None of the above
[One respondent skipped this question]

10. What did the Gannahans use for daily dental care?
A water pick
An air hose
A high speed rotating infrared laser brush
X A twig cut from a mintwood bush. [100%]

So there you have it. Have a great week!

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