Down the Road From KW

Put on your glasses, dear. He's not real.
Put on your glasses, dear. He’s not real.

I believe it was in September of 2002 — or  somewhere thereabouts — when I typed The End as the last line of a massive, 200,000-word novel I called Mom’s Mirror. “Okay,” I said to myself, “Now what?” I needed help with the rough, unwieldy manuscript, and I knew it. But where could I get it?

I was new to computers and had almost no experience with the Internet. But I knew what Google was, and I’d heard about something called on-line critique groups, though I had no idea how they worked. So I did a search to see what I might come up with.

What I came up with was KingdomWriters, a Yahoo group for writers of anything Christian, whether novels, nonfiction, poetry, or what-have-you. I learned scads of valuable things from the folks there and met some wonderful people who are still my dear friends today.

One of my first and most fabulous friends from KW was Ane Mulligan. No, I didn’t leave an “n” out of her name; that’s the way she spells it. Why? Because she’s a nut. Which is why I used to fondly call her Aney Bananey. “Used to,” because after awhile the nickname seemed too long, so I quit using it. Nowadays I just call her Hey You.

Ane’s debut novel is scheduled for release in September, and you’d better believe I plan to make a bit of a whoop-de-do about it here. But in the meantime, she invited me to sit on her blog’s front porch where we sat and sipped sweet tea and were slobbered on by her two mastiffs. Oh, wait — there was no tea, nor was there slobbering. No dog hair, either. But there was a guest post.

So I invite you join our conversation by leaving a comment. You won’t get anything out of it (no free book to win or anything like that), but if you want to say something silly, she’ll get a kick out of it. You’ll find us here.Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 8.09.44 PM

Wait a sec — well, would you look at that! She still has me living in rural Ohio. I guess I’m so used to being an Ohioan I didn’t notice the error. So when you stop in, you might want to ask her to change that to Western Maryland just for the sake of accuracy. I don’t want to ask her myself, or she’ll think me a pest.

Well, I guess I am a pest. But that’s one of the great things about Ane; she loves me anyway. Good friends are like that.

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4 thoughts on “Down the Road From KW

  1. Okay, I left a comment, letting Ane (pronounced like Anne BTW) know you moved to Maryland. She did know that LOL. I was also on Kingdom Writers, but I think I was there and gone before y’all showed up. I do have one good friend I met there but otherwise the experience was not as idyllic as yours. I should have waited, then I may have met you and the others :-).

    1. I can’t say my KW experience was idyllic, but it certainly was educational. And as grueling as boot camp. Perhaps shared misery makes for strong friendships.

  2. Oh, phooey. Well, it was Y’s fault. She forgot to include her bio, so I grabbed it from her website. Her website where it was apparently un-updated. Snicker.

    But seriously, it was Y who taught me so much abotu how to write! Thanks, my dear friend. I’d say oldest friend, but since I’m older than you, I guess I won’t. snerk.

  3. Yes, it’s my fault. I make so many mistakes I should have a proofreader for positively everything! At least this has served as a reminder that I need to update my About page!

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