Gateway to Gannah Series

Some years back, a little nonfiction book captured my imagination: The Gospel in the Stars, written in 1882 by Joseph A. Seiss, reprinted in 1972. It presented intriguing ideas, but the language was archaic and hard to follow. If only someone would write a story incorporating those concepts, something that would interest a modern reader…

So somebody did.

Going into it, I never expected to create the fantasy world of Gannah (named for the Hebrew word meaning garden), nor new races of humanity, nor anything else so grand. I merely wanted to illustrate some basic truths that apply to everyone, everywhere, no matter what stars they live under.

Funny thing about Gannah, though. Once you’ve breathed the air, drunk the water and tasted the food, you become a part of it. I had to go back. What started out to be a short story became a four-book series.


Book #1: The Story in the Stars

New cover

(Available on Amazon in print and e-book formats.)

The plague ravages the planet Gannah. By the time help arrives, only one survivor  – Dassa – remains. Pik, the Karkar doctor assigned to her case, hates everything Gannahan and wishes every last one of its people had perished.

Dassa carves out a new life after her world is destroyed. She fights pirates, offends her new acquaintances, and hires an illegal pilot and ship to take her back to Gannah, with the grumbling Pik a continual irritant. On the dead planet they battle vicious animals, suffer food poisoning and survive a plane crash in order to return to Pik’s people the priceless treasure Dassa’s ancestors stole centuries before. Throughout their adventures, Dassa learns about patience and unconditional love, while Pik discovers a treasure that can never be lost.

Read a prequel scene here.

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Book #2: Words in the Wind

Lost and Found(Available on Amazon in print and e-book formats.)

Can she find her way home? Does she even have a home to return to? Marooned in a desolate canyon half a planet from home, a lone survivor struggles to separate reality from illusion.

Dassa’s landing craft crashes 10,000 kilometers from her intended destination. Taking refuge in a canyon from the blizzard that rages atop the rim, she learns more about her native planet than she ever wanted to know.


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Book #3: Ransom in the Rock

Lost and Found(Available on Amazon in print and e-book formats.)

How much is a life worth? And who will pay the price?

Fifteen-year-old Lileela returns from the planet Karkar, angry and bitter over what she perceives as abandonment by her parents. Why do they want her back now? And why does Karkar demand such a huge payment for delivering her? Neither she nor her family suspects that Karkar’s true mission is revenge. The tiny New Gannahan settlement has no hope of repelling an invasion – no hope, that is, except for One the Karkar can’t see.

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Book #4: The Last Toqeph

Lost and Found(Available on Amazon in print and e-book formats.)

While traveling through desolate terrain, Adam stumbles upon an impossibility: a village of Old Gannahan survivors. Hard to believe. Harder yet, it seems one of them is the true heir to the throne.

Will Adam right an ancient wrong and lose his inheritance? Or ignore the truth and lose his integrity?

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