No, not that kind of habit!

Yes. That’s what I’m talking about.

As you may observe, I’ve fallen into the habit of neglecting my blog. Whether that’s a good habit or a bad, I think I’ve finally straightened out the technical difficulties that have been plaguing me, so maybe I’ll break the neglecting habit and start posting every now and then.

I’ve been thinking about habits recently, so that’s why I’ve chose to write about them today.

I’ve long observed that good habits take diligence and determination to form, whereas bad habits can get started with just one repetition. But bad habits, though easily acquired, are difficult to break, while it’s ridiculously easy to fall out of good habits. Why is that?

I won’t venture an opinion. I’m just making the observation.

Sometimes, it’s hard to say which category a habit falls into. Several months ago, I kicked the caffeine habit. Is caffeine bad for you? That seems to depend on who you talk to. I can’t say that I suffered any ill effects from caffeine consumption, but it bothered me that I was dependent on it—and there’s no question that I was. I was a bona fide* caffeine addict.

*I just now learned that bona fideis two words. Interesting tidbit!

Where was I? Oh, yeah… I was addicted to caffeine for many years. Now I’m not. I’d say that’s a good thing, in that I no longer require my morning coffee in order to feel well. But neither am I anti-caffeine. About once or twice a week, I’ll indulge in a little—a cup of coffee here, a Coke there, the occasional bite of chocolate.  So I guess it’s good. No addiction, no obsession the other way. It’s quite freeing, actually.

It seems breaking a bad habit takes as much or more effort as forming a good habit. It’s kind of the same thing, when you look at it. Forming a good habit in place of a bad one is the same as breaking a bad habit.

What make a habit “good” or “bad”? Today’s society doesn’t like to speak in those terms. Maybe I should talk about “healthy” and “unhealthy” habits instead, because it seems to be bad these days to say anything is bad.

Because I’m paying rent on this server, I might as well make use of my blog. So, for the sake of fiscal responsibility, I’m going to work on developing the habit of blogging more regularly. You can expect to see posts more frequently, but don’t expect them to be very meaty. I’m not quite ready to form the habit of keeping my efforts focused.

What unhealthy habits would you like to break? What healthy habits have you formed after much effort? Do you find it a continual struggle to maintain the healthy ones? What habits enable you to fly?

In order to encourage myself to keep up with this blog, I’ll provide my own answers to those questions in my next post. But if you’re willing to share  your thoughts in the comments, I’d be happy to hear them!

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4 thoughts on “Habits

  1. I have a time- consuming habit of going to FB or starting a game on my phone in between activities just to fill a couple minutes. I usually end up delaying the activity I was planning to start “ after a couple minutes” to, oh maybe half hour or even an hour.

    1. Thanks, Angela! You’re in good company! I’m good at procrastination too, but fortunately I’ve never gotten hooked on social media. Using the phone to fill in downtime is so popular, it’s hard to find magazines in waiting rooms anymore.

  2. Besides the above-mentioned procrastination, I could use more healthy eating habits and to get back into more physical activity. Those habits were really easy to lose!

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