Honey, I’m Home!

frontOur move is finally accomplished!

It’s been a lot of work, but looking back on it, we had no serious problems, just the usual aggravation.

The truck came to load up our things on Thursday rather than Wednesday as we’d arranged, and delivered the furniture on Saturday (again, delayed). But the important thing is, it got here safe and sound. Moreover, the weather was perfect (unlike our last move, which coincided with a major snowstorm).

The photo above was taken by the listing agent last November when the house first went on the market. It still looks the same, so I didn’t bother to take a new pic. As you can see, we have some work to do in the yard in the way of clearing out overgrown trees and shrubs. But Craig likes having things to do, and this place offers plenty of projects, indoors and out.

As I said, our stuff was delivered on Saturday — and it didn’t arrive until 3:45 pm. And not until after the driver called to tell us he was lost because his GPS quit on him all of a sudden. We had to go looking for him, which was a little weird, but fortunately, though we weren’t sure where he was from his description because we don’t know the area very well yet, we found him quickly. Once he got the truck turned around, he followed us. But when we turned onto our road, he didn’t follow. Argh! So we had to go chasing after him.

Once they finally got here, the movers began unloading about 4 pm and were finished in time for us to get some supper at a nearby Mexican restaurant at about 9:15. (“Us” meaning just Craig and me — we didn’t invite the movers).

Then on Sunday, we went to Reston to deliver our bunk beds to our daughter’s family. It was the shortest trip we’ve ever taken there — but of course, our proximity to their house was the reason we moved here to begin with. We drove there, ate lunch, unloaded the beds and set them up, played with the kids for a while, then went home to get back to our unpacking.

By this evening, we’ve made an encouraging dent in the mess. The bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen are in pretty good shape. But the office, living room and dining room are still utter chaos, as you can see from the following pics.

The office
The office

However, we got our TV and internet service hooked up today, so this evening, Craig and I can sit in the mess and veg out in front of our respective screens. (In Craig’s case, conk out. As I sit here in the kitchen, I hear him snoring in the living room.)

As you can see from the picture of the office, I wasn’t kidding about it being utter chaos. Are you wondering what that little door is at the top of the wall? We’re wondering too. We opened it to take a look, and there’s nothing in it. I’m not sure what the purpose is, but since you need a ladder to use it, I doubt we’ll ever put anything in it.

living room
living room

The living room and dining room are more or less the same room, so you can see furniture from both in this shot. About all we’ve done there yet is set up the TV and clear a little spot on the sofa so Craig can watch it.

We’re going to do a complete kitchen remodel in a couple weeks. In the meantime, though, I’ve gotten the basic stuff unpacked and stowed in the cabinets so I can use the kitchen. Because I’m keeping a lot of kitchen things in their boxes and stashing them in the basement until I get my new cabinets, it was relatively easy to get the kitchen organized.

kitchenI don’t think I told you about the kitchen table. That is to say, I told some of you about it individually, but I don’t believe I blogged about it. So here’s the story: about 75 years ago, my grandmother sawed the lower part of the legs off her drop-leaf dining table in order to use it as an occasional table. (As I understand it, this was a sudden whim, and something that did not please her husband.) The table eventually went from my grandparents’ home to my parents’, and now to ours. The finish was all messed up but it was still good and sturdy.

Because our new house is a little ranch-style place with a small kitchen, there’s not much kitchen tableroom for a table. So we thought it might be fun to replace the legs on that old table, paint it, and use it for our kitchen. We did just that, and here’s the result. With one leaf extended and one dropped, it’s a perfect fit.

As you can see from the MacBook on the table, until the desk in my office is reassembled, I’m using the table as a computer desk. [Deb Gardner: are you out there? Do you see your gift hanging on the wall?]

See that floor? It’s carpet. And I think the carpet’s been there since 1970. Looking at these pictures, you don’t need to wonder why we’re redoing the kitchen right away.

I’m not wild about the kitchen, but I do like the table, and the house, and the neighborhood, and the town. I’m tempted to call our new home state Merryland.

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3 thoughts on “Honey, I’m Home!

  1. I’m delighted to read all about it, Y. I love the table, and I have an antique gate leg in my kitchen’s breakfast area. I got it from a beloved landlady when the hubs and I first married. I removed the pain and stained it. Years later, I traded it with my mom for my grandmother’s chairs. My mom refinished the table again, antiquing it … painted again. LOL When she went to be with the Lord, I got the table back. I like what she did to it, so I’ve left it. Tables can really tell about life!

  2. Your house looks like it’s going to be great for you both- the best part being how close you are to the kids!! I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left, but I wish you all the best!! I’ll continue to enjoy reading your site though!! Talk to you soon!! 🙂

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