Hullo? Anybody Home?

knocking on door
Who’s that knocking at my door?

Not having heard from me for a while, Granny Grammar came knocking on my door to see what was going on. Her knock was so feeble, I didn’t hear it, but the security camera picked up her image.

Actually, she didn’t care much about what was going on in my life; she just wanted to see the test results. I told her that, of the 5 people took the test, everyone got Questions 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 correct. In Question 3, someone apparently thought vowels have ankles. Granny chuckled at that.

But while she was visiting, I told her where I’d been since her last post. On Monday the 25th, we headed for Virginia to visit with the grandkids. (And with the grandkids’ parents, too, of course.) Shortly after we started on our journey, Craig noticed cold symptoms starting, though when we left the house he’d felt fine. By the time we arrived in Reston, there was no doubt in his mind; he had a full-blown cold.

We’d just acquired a GPS, so I plugged it in and played with it along the way to familiarize myself with how it works, as we’ve never had one before.

We decided to stop at a couple of real estate agencies along the way to see what we could find out as far as availability of what we’re looking for, price ranges, etc. We stopped in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and Cumberland, Maryland and met with real estate agents there. In Cumberland, we picked up a flyer with various available listings and found an interesting place in Flintstone, Maryland — just what we were looking for, and at a very affordable price. You know when something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t? Well, the address was listed in the flyer, and since we had a GPS, we thought we’d go take a look to see what was the matter with it.

We got off the highway onto a smaller road, then onto a smaller one, then a smaller one yet. Lovely area! We liked it! The GPS sent us farther into the mountains until we reached a point in the road where a sign appeared saying: “End county maintenance. Beyond this point, the road is privately owned.” And still we continued on.

It became apparent that when the county quit maintaining the road, no one else picked up the responsibility. After a while, it was nearly impassable. (Though it was a little above freezing, it had been snowing all day, so everything was wet and slushy, and some of the potholes in the road looked like you could sail a good sized boat in them.) So we turned around and went back to the highway. It might have been a very nice house, and it was certainly an affordable price. But we didn’t want to buy a house on a road we’d have to maintain at our own expense.

Somewhere after leaving the realty office in Cumberland, I wanted to call Shelley to tell her we’d arrive later than we expected and they shouldn’t expect us for supper. But I couldn’t find my phone! Argh! I’d remembered putting it into the left pocket of my sweater, but it wasn’t there. Nor was it anywhere else I looked, including under the seat. (While we were driving around in the middle of nowhere, Craig pulled over so I could get out and take a good look.) I finally decided it must have fallen out of my pocket at one of the offices we’d stopped at.

Grandma with Daniel kids at National Zoo 03-26-13
At the National Zoo

But I still wanted to let Shelley know what was going on, so we found a McDonald’s along the route, got out my laptop, and used their wi-fi service to email her. When I got online, I found an email from the realtor in Uniontown asking if I’d lost my phone, because they found it under the chair I’d been sitting in. Hooray!

Anyway, we made it to Shelley’s without further incident, except that Craig was miserable by the time we got there, and didn’t get any better throughout the visit. He couldn’t play with the kids for fear of infecting them, and he didn’t feel well enough to go anywhere with us. So we had fun and he sat around and watched TV and slept while we were gone.

On Tuesday, we went to the National Zoo. The weather was cool but sunny and not too breezy, the kids were good, and we all had a great time.

On Wednesday, we went to Leesburg Animal Park. It was about the same temperature as the day before before, but windy, which made it feel a lot colder.

Kids looking at the zebras at the animal farm.
Kids looking at the zebras at the animal farm.

We all had a good time, but we were glad there was a little greenhouse available for us to hide from the wind at lunchtime (which thrifty Shelley had packed for us).

And then the next day we headed for home. Craig still wasn’t feeling so hot, though he was well enough to drive. But along the way, I realized I had a slight sore throat. It didn’t amount to much, and I wasn’t sure if would develop into anything, but by the next morning I could tell it wasn’t going away anytime soon.

The following day (the day before Easter) I went to Stat Care with a bad sore throat and swollen glands, and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic. However, I continued feeling worse for the next two days, adding a bad cough to my symptoms.

I appear to be over the hump now, though. I hope…

Meanwhile, we have people coming tomorrow to install new carpet in the living room, dining room, stairway and landing to the basement, and pantry. Which meant that in the last few days we had to tear up the old carpet in the pantry (fortunately we’d already done the stairway before we left) and moving all the furniture out of the other rooms. Also, we’d started re-doing our bedroom closet before we left, and I hung wallpaper in that a couple days ago. Craig put the shelves and clothes racks back in and I’ve put everything away in it now, except for the things (like shoes) I keep on the floor. We’re hoping to snatch a carpet scrap tomorrow to put in it. If not, no big deal — it’s a pretty nice hardwood floor as it is.

So, Granny, that’s where I’ve been all this time. Thanks for stopping by! Next time, I hope to resume the series I started about the need for a plural form of “you” in the English language.

What’s that, Granny? Yes, you’re right; there is a plural form of you: y’all. But I’m talking about a form that’s approved by the Chicago Manual of Style.

See ya later!

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