Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

I’m not Forrest Gump, but my mamma used to have some good sayings too. The one that comes to mind today is this: If you put your troubles on the table, you’ll pick your own up again.

That is to say (in case that didn’t make any sense to you), if you lay out your woes and compare them with everyone else’s, you’ll soon realize that yours aren’t so bad after all.

This week I’ve been fuming over issues with major appliances, disputes with credit card and health insurance companies, Internet glitches, weariness due to difficulty sleeping, and stupid computer tricks (stupid on my part – I’m not blaming the computer in this case). In other words, life as usual.

It all started when the store lost our refrigerator. Well, no it started in November, when the credit card company lost our payment. (Which I’d mailed instead of paying online because I couldn’t get into the site for some reason. Another frustration.) But this week, it all started when the store lost our ‘fridge. And then the doctor’s office didn’t have any of the free samples blood pressure medication he’s been giving me for the past couple of years, so he wrote me a prescription. And the drug store wouldn’t fill it because the insurance company wouldn’t approve it without prior authorization from the doctor.

The doctor is supposed to request the authorization form, but it’s not his policy to have his office staff spend all their time wrestling with insurance issues. (Umm… isn’t that part of the job?) So the patient has to do all the legwork.

Okay, fine, I’m used to legwork, I can do it.

Or so I thought. That was Wednesday. I won’t bore you with a detailed list of all the steps this legwork has taken, but it’s now Friday evening.  I have one day of medication left, and it’s not likely the issue will be resolved over the weekend. If the frustrating process didn’t make my blood pressure rise, going off the medication after the last pill is gone tomorrow certainly will.

But I’ll tell you want bothers me more: if I were thinner and more active, I wouldn’t need the medication to begin with and would have avoided this problem.

I can tell myself I’ll exercise more, eat less, quit being a lazy glutton. And maybe I will – maybe I’ll actually make some changes and be able to legitimately kick the BP med habit. (That is, opposed to illegitimately going off it because I can’t get it, as it looks like I’ll be doing this weekend.)

But that wouldn’t change the fact that the health care system is messed up. Even if I can bring my BP down through diet and exercise, other situations will arise, and we’ll be banging our heads against another wall before long.

(Oh, but wait. The new health care bill is going to straighten all that out. Make it simpler, more affordable, smooth out all the rough spots. Pardon me, I’d forgotten that our benevolent government has everything under control. Whew!)

I’m always quick to proclaim that I’m abundantly blessed. I truly have nothing to complain about; others have far greater worries than I. More serious health issues than essential hypertension. More substantial financial problems than a dispute about a late fee. More consequential computer issues than an intermittent Internet connection.  And other tragic woes — like my friend who just lost a grandchild. It’s enough to make me hang my head in shame for thinking I had a bad week.

I put my troubles on the table in order to air them out, organize, and make sense out of them. But I’m thankful to be able pick them up again and move on.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to re-do the Launch Pad Contest page on the Novel Rocket blog that I accidentally deleted today.

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