Looking for Adventure?

file0001639082274A few weeks ago I saw this on a person’s Twitter profile:

I am looking for an adventure. Something that will change my life and my career.

My first thought was that the person in question wasn’t apt to find what she was looking for on Twitter. Adventure involves getting away from the computer and venturing out into the real world.

My second thought was that the sort of adventure that satisfies our deepest longings can only be found in a place most thrill-seekers are unlikely to look for it.

In fact, no matter what we seek, whether it be thrills and adventure — peace and security — love and acceptance — meaningful, worthwhile work — freedom from whatever chafes and binds us — can be found there. It sounds cliche; to those who aren’t in the know, it sounds utterly ridiculous. But facts are facts, and I must call ’em as I see ’em: we find the lives we really want to live only when we give our all to Christ.

There’s nothing ethereal about; no mumbo-jumbo involved; I’m not speaking in metaphors or allegories. I’m talking about real life. Actual surrender of my will to that of the God of the Universe, and genuine life-and-death adventure as a byproduct. And I’m dead serious.

I don’t know where the idea ever came from that Jesus is a buzz-kill. That Christianity is a straight jacket of prickly do’s and don’ts. That faith is idiocy and only an uneducated dupe would believe the Bible. Because the exact opposite is true.

There are, of course, plenty of bad Christian examples. It’s undeniable that misconceptions abound concerning what this Christ-following business is all about. Erroneous ideas are as prevalent within Christianity as without. But if you take a serious look at what God says in His word, you’ll find the only way to find life is to lose it in Christ.

And that, my friend, is high adventure.

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