Monday’s Musing: Hair

I need a haircut. No, my hair’s not as long as the woman’s in the picture, but I need a haircut nonetheless. Perhaps I’ll go today.

I used to go to a salon where you made an appointment. That way, when I was there, I could make my next appointment in advance so I couldn’t put it off, as is my habit. But they kept raising the price. I didn’t need to pay for their “happy lights” (some sort of special bulb that was supposed to put the customers in a mellow mood). I didn’t need a vibrating neck massage. I didn’t need a shampoo; I wash my hair every morning at home. So why should I have to pay for all that?

True, it can be risky to go to the lower-priced walk-ins-only beauty shops, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. My hair grows fast, so if I get a bad cut (which does happen sometimes), it doesn’t last long.

I have three cowlicks. This limits the number of styles that work for me. I’ve tried wearing my hair a number of ways over the years, from very long and straight as a teenager to a short, ‘fro-like curly perm in the early ’80s (thankfully, that phase didn’t last long) and a variety of things in between. But through all that experimentation, the ‘do I liked the best was the style I had in the late ’70s, a Dorothy Hamill wedge. So a decade or so ago, I went back to it. I don’t look like Dorothy and I never did. (Did I mention, I have three cowlicks?) But that’s the basic style I wear, with a few modifications.

Have you ever wondered why we have hair? The evolutionists have an answer to that, of course; because we’re mammals, and mammals have hair. But for those who aren’t willing to deny the laws of logic and mathematics and buy into the idea that man descended from ape, that doesn’t answer the question.

Even if you do put humanity on the same plane as animals, that doesn’t explain why our hair grows so much more densely in certain parts than in others. Or why the hair on our head grows and grows, but the hair elsewhere reaches a certain length and then stops. I assume it falls out and starts over, like on a cat. But I don’t notice arm hairs lying around like I do cat hair.

And if you believe, as the Bible says, that man was created in God’s image, does that mean God has hair?

I don’t know. I do know, though, that I need a haircut.



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One thought on “Monday’s Musing: Hair

  1. With the economy so tight, haircuts are out for now, so I’m letting mine grow out Besides, I figure that’s what God gave us hair for … to grow and cut and grow out again. I like to change things around, anyway, so why not my head? ;o)

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