Monday’s Musings: Anticipation

I’ve been feeling a bit tense of late, and until yesterday morning, I couldn’t figure out why.

True, things haven’t been going splendidly in every aspect, because such is the nature of life. (Remember that technostress I was just talking about?) But where the major issues like health, finances, relationships, and faith are concerned, my situation is rather enviable. So why do I feel on edge?

I’m still not absolutely certain, but a possible cause occurred to me yesterday: anticipation.

Two events loom on the horizon, each of which will dramatically change the landscape of our family forever: our son’s wedding, and our daughter and her family adopting two children. With both these major changes occurring this fall, why wouldn’t I be a little wired as summer nears its end?

The wedding, at least, has a date: October 13. Our newest grandchildren’s arrival date is still undetermined, but at last word it was “about four to six weeks.”

It’s not that I’m dreading these things; because I’m not. I’m thrilled to welcome a new daughter-in-law into the family, and I look forward to finally meeting these two long-awaited grandchildren.

But there’s a certain amount of stress connected with both weddings and adoptions. Well, let’s be honest: a high amount! And with both coming at once, I suppose my tenseness is a natural reaction.

It just kind of snuck up on me.  I hadn’t expected to feel this way—particularly not this early in the game. But now that I realize why I’m on edge, I can take this bull by the horns and stare it down.


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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings: Anticipation

    1. Thanks, Sarah — both for subscribing to my blog and for leaving a comment. Yes, great things. And yes, a bit stressful. Especially coming so close together!

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