More About Habits

Enough with the nuns’ habits joke already!

Okay. In our last exciting adventure, I posed some questions and promised to provide my own answers in the next post. Because I try to make it a habit to keep my promises, here goes:

Question 1: What unhealthy habits would you like to break?

I have two related ones: Overeating, and lack of exercise. Of course my sister had to go and beat me to the punch in her comment, but that’s okay. It’s nice to know I’m in good company.

Many years ago, I joked that my mother-in-law had been on the same diet since I’d known her—it was the “Starting on Monday” diet. I’ve been on a similar one in recent years: the “Should Eat Less” diet. I love food, and many of the foods I enjoy are good for me. I seldom eat fast food, my taste for sweets has dwindled over the years, and I eat a healthy diet. I just eat too much of it! If I could form the habit of taking smaller portions and stopping before I feel full, I think it would be good for me.

Lack of exercise? I have a ready supply of worn-out excuses for that. I used to walk 3 – 5 miles a day, five days a week. But in the past few months, I fell out of the habit—until three days ago, when I discovered Rising Park.

Actually, I knew it was there, but I only just now made the effort to check it out. The trail to the top of Mt. Pleasant is a super-short trail, and it’s not much of a mountain by Maryland standards*, but it’s a better aerobic workout than doing nothing. And, you can do more walking than just up to the top and back. Three days ago I resolved to visit Rising Park at least 5 days a week to get my heart rate up on a regular basis, and I’ve done it now for three days straight. I hope to make a habit of it.

*see this three-year-old post about that

Question 2: Do you find it a continual struggle to maintain healthy habits?

Not too much. It’s a struggle to form a healthy habit, but once it’s ingrained, a minimum of effort is required to maintain it. That’s the case for simple habits, like brushing my teeth before going to bed. How that applies to taking that little uphill trail every day, though, remains to be seen. I’m still in the process of forming that habit.

Question 3: What habits enable you to fly?

It took many years to develop it, but my habit of spending time every morning in prayer and Bible study keeps me buoyant the rest of the day. (I’ll bet you thought I was kidding when I asked that question, didn’t you?)

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