Saturday SitRep

Tuesday evening, we had an enjoyable time at the book signing at the Dover Public Library. With only eight people in the audience, it wasn’t remarkably well attended. But since only three had registered to say they were coming, it was almost three times the turn-out we expected. (“We” being the librarian who organized it, and me.)

The library saw to it that the event was well publicized through library channels, newspaper, and radio. Craig, listening to the radio as he cleaned the garage that day, heard it announced several times. (Must have been fun to hear his wife’s name on the radio!)

Everyone who showed up was either a relative (cousins Lola and Kathy Mowry), a friend (hello to Cathie Adams, Marty Knight, Dianne Skelley, Jennifer Kneuss, and Kim McKnight), or a friend of a friend (it was nice to meet Cheryl, friend of Cathie, Marty, and Dianne). With only eight attending, I sold eleven books. So, as my son Art pointed out, the percentages were good even if the numbers weren’t.

Also in this week’s writing news: I did a guest post on the Speculative Faith blog yesterday, in which I contemplate the value of words. This, of course, is in conjunction with the release of Words in the Wind.

Speculative Faith is an interesting site, by the way. It’s for and by writers and readers of Christian speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, and the like), and some good discussions go on there. One of the coolest features is the Speculative Faith Library, in which they’re making an attempt to list every Christian Spec-Fic book out there. That’s quite an ambition!

It’s not just a list, though–readers can comment on the books and post reviews. So if you feel so inclined, hop on over and exercise your right to free speech as you comment on my two offerings there: The Story in the Stars and Words in the Wind. Especially Words, since the first book has been there longer and has a few comments already.

And, to wrap up the week: on Thursday, I had the pleasure of spending quality time with my future daughter-in-law, Jennie, helping her address wedding invitation envelopes. Her bridal shower is today, where I’ll get to meet more of her family.

Ah, yes. Good times. It’s not just a bridal shower, but a shower of blessings!

Have a great weekend, all.


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