Saturday Situation Report

I don’t know if anyone else uses the word, but lately I’ve been describing my frustrations as technostress.

True, there are worse problems to have. Lots of them. And lots worse.

But this constant battle with electronics — PCs, TV satellite receivers, Internet connections, car computers, and even the stupid “smart” features on the automatic washer, tend to wear me down.

Actually, they wear me down pretty quickly, since I have an aversion to these inescapable realities of today’s world. Is it any wonder I love gardening? There are plenty of problems involved there, too, but at least they’re natural ones. If you have trouble with bugs in your potato plants, you don’t need technical know-how to squash them.

My Internet connection problem is still not wholly resolved, despite spending what seems like an inordinate amount of time trying to get to the bottom of it. I’ve sometimes had to drive to wireless hot spots in to get things accomplished online, though I still have to pay for my service at home, even when it doesn’t work. All this takes time, not to mention money for the gas to get to those hot spots, to visit the Verizon Wireless store for a new SIM card, etc.

So, yeah. It’s been another somewhat frustrating week. No major problems, just the piddly little technostresses that come with the culture. By and large, life is good. But I don’t have much forward progress to report on my WISP (Work in Slow Progress).

However, I’m getting nice feedback on Words in the Wind and am continuing to get the word out about its release — and using modern technology to do it.

Technostresses aside — because they are merely “asides,” not what really matters — life is good.

And so, I hope, will be my fourth Gannah book, if I ever get it finished!


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