The Deed is Done

Lost and FoundWell, folks, I was shooting for a release date of October 15 for book #4 in the Gannah series. And, to my surprise, despite some set-backs and time drains, I made it!

I just now (as in, less than half an hour ago) clicked “Publish” for both the print and the Kindle versions, so you probably won’t find them in either format on Amazon quite yet. But maybe if you check back later tonight (it’s 3:08 pm EST) or tomorrow, you’ll be able to snag YOUR copy!

It’s the longest of the four titles, so by necessity the print version has to be over $10. However, I’ve kept the prices in both formats as low as I reasonably could. I know how difficult it can be to part with your hard-earned money. I don’t like spending it on books, and I hate to ask other people to spend it on mine.

If you’d like to read it for free, here are some options: 1) Ask your local library to buy it. Better yet, ask them to buy the whole series. 2) Watch my blog for a give-away. Sooner or later, I’ll probably do one. 3) Same for Goodreads. I plan to do another giveaway there too. 4) Ask your mom, husband, best friend, boss, or neighbor across the street to get it for you for Christmas.

Between getting this ready for publication, helping my in-laws with the Big Move, (which has required two trips to Ohio in two weeks, with a third one to come this weekend), and entertaining an active upper-respiratory infection that’s decided to take up residence in my body without an invitation, I’m feeling a bit burned out. Which means I won’t be setting up those promised giveaways until at least tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about this new release, right? Tell everyone you know about it! Twist a few arms, resort to bribery if necessary, just do whatever you can to get people to buy this book!

Meanwhile, I’m going to go take a nap. After I take the sheets out of the dryer and make the bed. And then get supper started. And then…  well, a nap was a nice idea even if I never quite get there.

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