The Four Lives of J. S. Freeman

My latest speculative fiction series:

One of the most prominent names in the lore of the planet Umban, author J. S. Freeman is as mysterious and controversial as the island of Freemansland from which she came.

How did she rise from the shrouds of obscurity to become one of the world’s most influential figures? In this series, Freeman breaks her long silence and tells the whole tale.

Come and see. The truth she tells is better than her fiction.

In Stillwaters, the first of Freeman’s three-part story, the celebrated author brings us into the steamy, untamed land of her feral birth. When the City invaders capture her—they call it a rescue, but it sure doesn’t feel like it—her first life ends. She wants only to run free again on Freemansland, but circumstances take her ever farther from home, until one snowy day, her second life ends as well.

Available on ebook and print at Amazon.

My Australian friends can find the print version on Booktopia.



In Citizen, author J. S. Freeman tells of her third life: a fairy-tale marriage into the City’s elite ruling class. It’s a dream come true—until she wakes up in a nightmare.

The war in Arkentak nearly takes her life, and she seeks relief from her pain in a bottle. Her husband’s stalwart love draws her out and encourages her to develop her writing talent. But nothing can restore what she’s lost. Will she ever find what she’s seeking?

Available in ebook and print at Amazon.

My Australian friends can find the print version on Booktopia.


In Free, the moving conclusion of the famed author’s three-part story, we see the remainder of Freeman’s supposedly safe world crumble to ashes. Losing husband, wealth, and status, she hides for her life, with no one to help but the twin brother she once tried to disown.

Just when she thinks she can’t go on, she finds hope in a most unlikely place—the rejected legends of her own people. This leads to a fourth life – one that will never end.

Coming in autumn, 2018.



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