The Four Lives of Jemma Freeman

A new speculative series beginning in 2017!

One of the most prominent names in the lore of the planet Umban, Jemma Freeman is as mysterious and controversial as the island of Freemansland from which she came.

How does one rise from the shrouds of obscurity to become one of the literary world’s most influential figures? In this series, Freeman breaks her long silence and tells the whole tale.

Come and see. The truth she tells is better than her fiction.


That’s the blurb.

I’d hoped to publish the first piece in April, but the release is delayed because I’m still working on the covers. But here’s my eventual plan:

Book 1: Stillwaters
To be released first in a series of small ebooks:

  • My First Life. The ebook will consist of only the first chapter, and I will offer it free of charge in order to generate interest in the story. A month or so later, I plan to release…
  • Intermission. Chapters 2 – 11. The cost will be $0.99. After a couple of months…
  • Stellasede. Chapters 12 – 24. Also priced at $0.99. And a couple months later…
  • Standtall. Chapters 25 – 32. Again $0.99.

With the release of Standtall in ebook, I intend to also publish the whole first book, Stillwaters, in print form.

Book 2: Citizen.
I hope to have already attracted some readers to the series by this time, so I won’t release this one in bits and pieces. Book 2 will be published in full, in both ebook and print formats.

Book 3: Freedom.
I would like to release the final piece of the series about six months after Book 2, Citizen.

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