The Last Monday’s Musings: Writer’s Blogs

Max_Elskamp_during_workI could call this Part II, I suppose, since my last Thursday’s Thoughts were about blogging. Or maybe Part III, since on Saturday I announced my decision to no longer provide weekly situation reports. But I won’t assign numbers to these things. I’ll just muse.

Coinciding with my recent thoughts, musings, and cogitations, I ran across a post this morning on the subject of writers and blogging. It’s so appropriate, in fact, that I’ve changed my mind about what to muse on today.

What the writer says about blogging makes as much or more sense than anything else I’ve seen lately. Why? Because it parallels my own opinions on the subject (we always like people who agree with us!) as well as my experience.

Her suggestion that we make our post titles SEO-friendly is one I’d be well advised to follow. Hence the title of this one, “The Last Monday’s Musings.” It’s not that I won’t be sharing my thoughts on Mondays any longer, but that I won’t use that title anymore. No one’s likely to google “Monday’s Musings” (and truly, I think my spell checker should quit underlining google; it’s a well established verb by now), so I’ll try to use titles that are more likely to get picked up by the Web’s spiders. Like for instance, “Writer’s Blogs.”

That reminds me: I should be more thoughtful about tags. When I see how someone else tags things (for instance, my posts on the Speculative Faith blog), my usual reaction is, “Oh, yeah, why didn’t I think of that?” So I hope to put some of my creative energies into effective labeling.

For now, I plan to continue posting twice a week. I’ll probably follow the same Monday and Thursday schedule, eliminating only Saturday. Don’t look for substantial changes in content, though. I’ll still scatter random thoughts across the pages, which thoughts may or may not concern writing.

I don’t expect the blog to sell books or substantially increase my “tribe.” My purpose is to be accessible to my readers (all two dozen of them) online. And for those purposes, I think Y’s Words is on the right track.



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6 thoughts on “The Last Monday’s Musings: Writer’s Blogs

    1. LOL – love your expletive! I’ll have to remember to use that one. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. But now that you mention it, I probably didn’t word that right. I should have said we should make our titles search engine friendly. Oh, well…

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