The Road Goes Ever On and On…

file000724748949We’ve been doing a lot of driving lately. Not on roads that look like the lovely one on the left, which makes me want to put on my walking shoes and take off.

No, the roads we’ve been on look more like one at the end of this post. Just not so flat and straight.

After recent house-hunting excursions to West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, we have a Wish List of possible houses to buy. We won’t be making any decisions or offers until we sell our current home, though. So for now, everything’s on hold. (I should take a little hike on that path while I’m waiting…)

I’ve been thinking, meanwhile, about the allegorical road rolling under our wheels.

We’ve lived in this old house of ours for more than 29 years. I remember when we bought it. The day we moved in seems like it was only about five years ago. The kids we raised here are grown and moved on. Two are married. One has five kids of her own. Life’s road has slipped past in a blur.

I can’t stop time from flying past, but I’m not ready to sit on the front porch and watch it go, file000790174640either. Some folks think we’re crazy for selling so much of our stuff and moving out of state. True, we don’t know what’s down the road. But staying here wouldn’t prevent surprises, so why not go out and meet them head-on?

On the other hand, we won’t be going anywhere until the house sells. So I might be sitting out on the same familiar front porch watching the world go by for quite a while yet.

I’ll keep y’all posted.


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