The Unforgivable

I’ve now read all the books put out by my publisher to date. This isn’t the latest release, but it’s the one I’ve read most recently.

The Unforgivable
by Tessa Stockton
Publisher: Risen Books (2011)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1936835003
272 pages

Book #1 in the Wounds of South America series.

Mild-mannered quilter and spinster Genevieve Taylor has fallen love with a monster. Or at least, that’s what people call him. They say Carlos Cornella is a murderer, a kidnapper, a torturer, a sociopath. Even the devil incarnate.

He’s accused of the worst war crimes in the history of Argentina. He’s despised by a wounded nation, and what he’s done is considered unforgivable. But Genevieve knows him as something else: a handsome, charming gentleman with a disturbing past he prefers not to talk about. A man who carries great pain.

A person whom God sees as a treasure.

They say there are two sides to every coin, and the author explores sides to the human rights coin you might never have known existed. If it’s thought-provoking you want, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of us who aren’t from South America don’t know much about Argentina’s so-called Dirty War, unless we knew people who lived there in the 1970s and ’80s. Though this story will introduce you to that horror, it’s far more than a political tale. The novel is a graphic illustration of what the Gospel message is all about, and an exploration of how our lives will be changed once we take Christ’s work of redemption seriously. No matter what the political climate.

Personally, I’d prefer to see the story on a different stage than a romantic one; I think the hormonal influence dilutes the thrust of the message, just a little. But the author manages to pull it off, portraying the characters in their multiple facets with a haunting believability. Exhibiting a comfortable familiarity with the subjects she touches upon, she spreads out for the hungry reader a veritable feast for thought.

This amazing book is available in paperback or e-book.

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