The Year of The (Singular) Rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Rabbit begins on February 3. As far as I’m concerned, though, it’s already begun.

You may have heard the saying (one reference says it’s an old Russian proverb, but wherever it originated, it’s usually used in a business context) that if you chase two rabbits, you’ll be sure to catch neither one.

A couple months ago I ran across that adage again, and it hit me between the eyes. “Chasing two rabbits” is the perfect description of what I’ve been doing the past few years. That is, I’ve been trying to pursue two careers: as a Virtual Assistant, and as a writer.

I used say writing is my first love, but Virtual Assistance pays the bills. Lately, though, Virtual Assistance has lost more of its luster and paid fewer of those bills than when all this began. So when I read that rabbit quote, I realized I had to make a decision as to which I should focus on. Trying to do both was getting me nowhere.

As a Christ-follower, a decision like this isn’t merely matter of what I choose to do. This calls for prayer and seeking the Lord’s direction. That direction came, with everything pointing to the fact that it’s time to let my VA practice go and concentrate on running down the Writing Rabbit.

So here’s me, now – chasing one rabbit only. I hope by the end of 2011, I’ll have caught one.

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4 thoughts on “The Year of The (Singular) Rabbit

  1. Wish I could concentrate on the writing rabbit alone, too. Not until my husband retires, though, maybe not that soon…(sigh).

  2. Love this blog posting. Great rabbit pictures! And — very good thoughts! I’m not sure how many rabbits I’m trying to chase right now, but this sounds like something I should think/pray about, also. Happy Year of the Rabbit!

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