Thursday’s Thoughts

My thoughts today are all over the place (so what else is new?) but I’ll try to corral a little one for you.

Reading in Jeremiah 27-29 this morning, it occurred to me that following God’s leading often doesn’t yield the result we expect.

But God isn’t asking what  you want to accomplish. He has His own plan in mind.

Think of a little kid, say three years old, who’s never been to the beach before. He plays in the sand and in the little wavelets lapping the shore, and that’s fun. Then his dad says, “Want to go out and play in the waves?” Kid needs to learn about the water, and Dad plans to give him a safe introduction to it.

Yeah! So Dad picks up Kid and wades out. Kid giggles, excited about the prospects ahead. Dad goes out a little further and the water soaks Kid’s swim trunks. Kid pulls up closer to Dad and whines. The water gets deeper, his face gets splashed, and he screams bloody murder.

It’s not what Kid expected, and he doesn’t like it one bit. But is he going to drown? Not as long as Dad has a good hold on him, which he does.

Back to Jeremiah. The prophet does and says everything God tells him, but the results fill him with dismay: all he gets is opposition, accusation, ridicule, arrest. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work, is it?

When we follow God’s leading, we expect it to end well.

It does. When you’re tempted to believe otherwise, remember that what you’re seeing is not the end. God knows what He’s doing, and we can’t let current circumstances make us second-guess Him. Keep looking to Him for confirmation, like Jeremiah did. And keep following even when it doesn’t make sense.

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