Well, That Was Fun!

file0001908942502“What was fun?” you may ask. The answer calls for a list:

1) My three-book, three-day giveaway. Who needs Rafflecopter? Someone who takes this seriously, probably, and processes hundreds of entries. As for me, I had no difficulty handling the dozens of entries I received. I met a few new people and had the privilege of sending Book 1 to two new visitors to Gannah, as well as the third book in the series to a friend who’s already read the first two.

2) My month-long, two-book giveaway on Goodreads, which was entered by hundreds. But Goodreads’s computers did the work, and all I had to do was pack up the books and send them to the winners. I have five copies of Words in the Wind and five of Ransom in the Rock ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. It’s exciting that new people — readers I don’t personally know — are learning about Gannah.

3) Staying with our two youngest grandkids for two days while the rest of the family was away. They were wonderfully well-behaved and gave Craig and me no trouble at all.

4) Learning that my son and daughter-in-law who recently moved to Maryland, and lived with us for a couple of months while looking for a place of their own, are moving back to Ohio. They came here for a job, and are leaving for the same reason — a different job. They haven’t even finished unpacking yet from their last move, and now they’re going to have to do it all over again. Argh!

5) Meeting (virtually) an interesting person who wrote a non-fiction book I recently read and reviewed.

6) Having replacement windows installed. And, shortly after contracting for that, learning that we need a new furnace as well. Money, money, money.

7) Speaking of money, receiving my first payment from the Amazon KDP e-book program for the four (count ’em, 4) ebooks I sold the first month Ransom was available. Yep, I’m rakin’ in the money so fast, I hardly know how to spend it all.

8) Two recent occurrences so strange that I don’t feel comfortable describing them in a public format.

An aside to #8): A couple weeks ago, I finally read Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness. Yeah, I know, it’sthis Present Darkness a classic of Christian speculative fiction that positively everyone read years ago, but I never did. Until recently. I didn’t particularly care for it, but I was glad to have read it so I can know what it’s about.

The thing I most object to is the cartoonesque portrayal of angels and demons. I have no doubt these beings are real and do, in fact, play a role in the events of this world. But I don’t think any of us have any concept of how they work, behave, think, make war, or anything else. Moreover, I don’t think we have any business speculating about it.

However… the two above-mentioned recent occurrences serve to remind me that we are, in fact, engaged in a deadly serious spiritual warfare, even if that warfare looks nothing like it does in novels.

9) Coming on the heels of this great awful weirdness, a pointed but gentle answer to prayer. Yep. God hears ’em. And it makes Him smile to answer.

Just as we can’t know just how the demons do their dirty work and the angels commit their heroics, we can’t fathom the goodness of God — nor His absolute, unalterable, inconceivable greatness. However the stories of our individual lives may play out, God is good, and no one and nothing can move Him from His perfect purposes.

And, for one final fun thing this evening,
10) Hearing from an old friend, who made a random comment to an ancient blog post.

There is so much more to life than writing fiction that I’m almost beginning to lose interest in it, despite having a new story simmering in my mind. But rest assured, I still have every intention of wrapping up the Gannah series this fall.

Remember the last line of Words in the Wind? If you have the book, go take a look-see.


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4 thoughts on “Well, That Was Fun!

  1. Aw, Y, I pray this sense of stopping writing is only a passing thing. You are an outstanding writer and an excellent critiquer. I’d pray very hard if the feeling becomes stronger. Take a break if you need to, but God has gifted you greatly in writing. Consider the parable of the talents. Only a suggestion to my dear friend a ctit partner.

    1. Thanks, Pam. I’m not sure I’m ready to give it up, exactly — just let it settle a bit lower on the priority scale. (Not that it’s all that high to begin with.) There are just so many things more important! But, because this writing thing was God’s idea to begin with rather than mine, I figure I’ll keep at it until He says it’s quittin’ time.

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