What a Book Teaches

Sometimes I think there are too many movie remakes and sequels, as if screenwriters are too afraid, or too uncreative, to come up with anything new. Not that I watch that many movies — I’d rather read a good book (or write one). But I’m not above taking a page from the screenwriters’ script and indulging in a remake myself.

Or maybe, a referral.  Noel De Vries had a great post on Novel Journey this week. Since I’m preoccupied with the aforementioned book writing and am looking for an easy out for a blog post, I’ve decided to share it.

Like most (all?) writers, I grew up devouring books. I never gave a thought as to how the stories I read might be shaping my thoughts or influencing my values. However, as an adult — and more particularly, as a parent — I’m continually amazed at how our childhood experiences influence the values we embrace, the decisions we make, and the attitudes we carry into our adult lives.

(Sidebar: Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

Back on topic:  This is big. No, huge. And sobering. What a responsibility we writers have!

This is particularly true for those who write for young minds, but it’s important for all of us to be aware of it. Not everyone is as impressionable as a child, but not everything kids read is written specifically for them.

It brings me back to why I write to begin with.

It brings me to my knees.

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