Win a Trip to Gannah (times three)! DAY 3

DSCN5865What  a peach of a deal! A free trip to Gannah for three lucky winners!

Tomorrow, I’ll draw three names. I’ll contact them to offer any of the three titles in the Gateway to Gannah series they’d like to receive.

If the winner lives in the US, he or she can choose either a print or e-book; otherwise, only e-books are available. (Sorry, but those shipping costs are a killer.)

You have three ways to enter:mf679

1) Comment. Leave a comment on this blog, and be sure to include your email address. You’ll receive one entry each day you do this.

2) If you’re on Twitter, tweet about it. The easiest way to do that is by clicking on the “t” symbol under “Share This” at the end of the post. When the automatic Tweet comes up, delete “I like” and instead write: “Win a #FREE #book on @yanderson101’s blog.” (Make sure you leave the link to YsWords.) This gives you another chance to win — one entry per day that you do this (not one entry per tweet!).

3) Tell your Facebook buddies, making sure to mention me so I’ll be able to reward you. (You can use the Facebook button on the “Share This” bar at the bottom of this post.) You’ll earn one entry per day that you do this.

The first day of this three-day giveaway, I provided a brief description of each book. Yesterday, I gave you a paragraph from each to whet your appetite. Today, I’ll share the first sentence and the last word of each:


Stars cover

First sentence: Dassa trudged through the Ayin Forest across a crusted snow, her weary steps fueled by the nearness of her goal.

Last word: smiled.



Words cover

First sentence: “End.”

Last word: end.




Ransom in the Rock

First sentence: Her chest tight with dread, Lileela opened the closet.

Last word: belonged.



I hope these little snippets have enticed you. If you’re interested, make sure to leave a comment so you’ll at least have one chance to win. Telling your friends about the giveaway will increase your odds.

Good luck! I’ll draw the names and announce the winners tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Win a Trip to Gannah (times three)! DAY 3

    1. As a seat-of-the-pants writer, I don’t do much of anything on purpose!

      I thought it was fun to start with “End”–that much was on purpose. But the last sentence wasn’t added until I started working with the editor. We discussed the abruptness of the conclusion, and she made a suggestion for how I might wrap it up a little neater with a simple one- or two-sentence paragraph. That’s when I inserted the “truth always wins in the end” adage in a couple places throughout the book and then finished with it in order to tie it all together. I don’t think many readers (if any) noticed it, but nevertheless it makes me smile.

  1. You are so creative, Little Cousin! Thank goodness you’re one of the “good guys”, or the world would be in trouble.

    1. LOL – thanks! Since you left a comment, you’re entered in the drawing. Good luck! (Sorry, but you don’t get any extra entries for being a relative.)

  2. Y, I always appreciate your thoughtful blogs. Truly enjoyed Story in the Stars. Suddenly feeling self-conscience of my grammar, better scoot. Wink. Please enter me in the official drawing!

    1. Hey, Holley, welcome aboard! Nothing wrong with your grammar a handy virtual assistant can’t fix.
      You’re entered in the drawing. The moment of decision comes tomorrow morning. Don’t keep your fingers crossed till then or they’ll cramp up.

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