An Interesting Morning: The Short of It

file7811297827424I sometimes joke that I write novels because I’m too long-winded for short stories. I joke, but there’s a good bit of truth to it. I tend to ramble.

As I mentioned in a post back in February of 2013, I knowingly committed TMI while drafting The Last Toqeph, the fourth book in the Gannah series. Now, I’m trying to clean up the mess. After making substantial cuts (twice), I recently started at the beginning again to take another look, and–gracious! Every place I look I see redundancies, unnecessary explanations, and actions that add nothing but clutter.

To avoid that problem here, I’ll give you a succinct overview of my interesting morning.

I’ve been doing some guest spots on blogs lately in an attempt to get the word out about the release of Ransom in the Rock. On The Borrowed Book, we feature a different writer each week, and this time, it’s my turn. You can see my blabbering on Tuesday (when I talk about creating characters) as well as today (discussing my authorial so-called career).

But I’d thought I was also going to be interviewed on Novel Rocket today. When I sent in the interview, I thought it would be fun to refer readers here to Y’s Words for a three-day book giveaway campaign. So, thinking myself rather clever, as I prepared my Novel Rocket interview, I also scheduled three Y’s Words posts–one each for today, tomorrow, and Saturday–to correspond with it.

If you followed the link above to my spot today on The Borrowed Book and read my confession there, you know my usual morning routine. (If you didn’t read it, why not? Get over there and do it! Right now!) This morning when I got on my computer, I went over to The Borrowed Book to see my post there and pick up the link for tweeting, etc. But, wawk! It wasn’t up yet!

No big deal, it’s still early, I comforted myself. I’ll go over to Novel Rocket instead. But, wawk! Today’s post was up, but it wasn’t my interview; it was something else entirely. Well, the giveaway campaign on Y’s Words will be up and running, because I scheduled it myself. So I hopped over here. WAWK! All I saw was the same old “Rainy Day” post that’s been moping there since May 29.

By this time I was wawking like a flustered chicken. I knew I scheduled the first post about the giveaway to go live at 5 am this morning. I was positive. So I went to the Dashboard and took a look. I wasn’t crazy; it said it was scheduled for 5 am on June 12, 2014. Okay, it’s June 12, and it’s after 7:30 am. So where’s my post?!

Oh, wait… I was going to keep this short, wasn’t I? PSYCHE! (I can’t believe you fell for that. You’re so gullible.)

But I’ll skip the rest of the details and get to the end quickly. The Borrowed Book post did, in fact, go live shortly after I checked the first time; all’s well there.

And, I was mistaken about my Novel Rocket interview going up today. The actual date is next Monday, June 16. So, thankful my post here didn’t go live today as I’d planned, I rescheduled the three-day giveaway campaign for June 16 -18.

Fly through the Gateway to Gannah for some serious sci-fi adventure!
Fly through the Gateway to Gannah for some serious sci-fi adventure!

Moreover, I realized I do, in fact, have another guest post up. Just not at Novel Rocket. It’s a devotional, not an interview, and it’s on Kimberly Rose Johnson’s blog. So while you’re at it, hop on over there and take a look at that one. You’ve got nothing else to do, right?

And come back Monday, when (with any luck) you’ll be able to enter to win a free trip to Gannah.


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3 thoughts on “An Interesting Morning: The Short of It

  1. Oh Y, I’m sitting here first scratching my head, thinking was I supposed to post Yvonne’s interview for today? No. I post on the third Monday of the month. I actually counted the Mondays, thinking I messed up. Then, finally you said you had the wrong week. Whew!!!

    Which reminds me I do need to get that interview in the schedule, don’t I. I don’t want this to happen again next week. You’ll think you’re suddenly in the movie, Groundhog Day LOLOL.

  2. Ha! Sorry to alarm you, Pam! I don’t know why I thought your post was the 12th. I guess I was confused with that devo — which I’d completely forgotten about. I seem to be too easily confused these days.

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