City of Prophecy (Forgotten Kingdom series)

Peter Dudek. Mild-mannered software developer by day, self-published speculative novelist by night. And lunch hours.

I recently read the books he’s published, and reviewed the first in my previous post.

The second book is City of Prophecy. The first in the Christian Speculative Fiction series, Forgotten Kingdom, it’s currently the only one of the series yet released for sale.

City of Prophecy
(Forgotten Kingdom series)
by Peter Dudek
Publisher: Carnation City Press
Kindle File Size: 516 KB
Hardcover: 316 pages
ISBN-10: 0615232019
ISBN-13: 978-0615232010

Arvalast is a mythical realm ruled by a good king who is strangely absent. He appoints governors to rule the various cities and regions of the land on his behalf. In the hands of the king’s loyal subjects, small phials of light called illumina give these towns protection and direction.

Wrathar, ruler of the southern land of Shieth, wants Arvalast for his own. Using the force and intrigues of his powerful servants, he corrupts the people in Arvalast that are loyal to the king. His minions carry a crimson light instead of the white light of the king’s illumina.

A prophecy speaks of three warriors of light whose coming will presage the downfall of Wrathar. After Wrathar learns of this prophecy, he tries to complete his takeover of Arvalast and kill the king before the prophecy can come true.

That’s the backstory. The story itself involves three teenaged boys from the city of Woodend in Arvalast’s Northern Forest. They, along with most of the townspeople, are at first unaware of the terrible happenings to the south. About the time they begin to hear strange rumors of horrible events along the forest roads, mysterious men from the north come into town, claiming to be heralds of the king. These heralds warn that the city is in danger, and that the threat comes from within its own walls.

Though the author says he didn’t intend it to be, the story is clearly an allegory — but that’s not a bad thing! The illustration it provides is scripturally faithful, and the tale is engaging. The book is billed as being for adults. However, with the main characters being teens, and considering the simple, light writing style, it seems more like a Young Adult story.

And that’s good, too. It’s all G-rated, and I seriously doubt a kid would find it boring. There’s plenty of action, weird and creepy people as well as nice ones, puzzles to unravel, and even a cute girl or two. What’s not to like?

It all works together nicely, weaving a tale that portrays some pretty important truth. The only problem I can see is… it doesn’t resolve! It appears that this story, in the fashion of Lord of the Rings, is only complete when you read all three books.

So bring on the rest of them, Peter!




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