Monday’s Musings: The Best-Laid Plans

We’re in Virginia, stretching our patience and faith yet a bit more.

This whole international adoption thing has been good for stretching. Feeling limber yet?

The children were to leave the Congo (in the care of escorts) on Sunday, September 30 and arrive in Cincinnati on Monday, October 1. That is, today. Mommy and Daddy were to fly to Ohio to meet them at the airport then fly them home the same day, and Grandpa and I are here to tend to their three natural-born kids and help with the transition time.

That was the plan.

Sunday morning, our daughter checked her email before leaving for church and learned that plan has been changed. There was a problem getting the children’s exit papers, and they aren’t able to leave the country. The actual date for their arrival is expected to be this week, but no one knows for sure when.

Needless to say, this creates complications on a number of levels. Mom and Dad are dealing with it very well, and I’m happy to say they’re not snapping at the kids or being short-tempered as a result of their frustration. But it’s definitely put a damper on things.

Whatever happens, I’m heading for home on Friday and will spend next week preparing for Art and Jennie’s wedding on the 13th. I don’t expect those plans to change at the last minute!

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