Saturday Situation Report

It’s been an exciting week, what with major Internet connectivity issues coinciding with the launch of Words in the Wind on Wednesday.

I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow, but our MiFi service has been getting more and more messed up as time went on for the past couple of weeks. This week, Verizon finally determined that the problem is not in our equipment but in the Verizon network, and they’d have to track down the problem. As of Wednesday, when I needed it most, I pretty much had no service. The computer said it was connected, and my MiFi gadget said all systems were “Go,” but when I tried to get online, I couldn’t.

By the time I’d jumped through all the hoops earlier in the day, I had no time to pursue it further until that evening, after church, when I went on the hunt for a wi-fi signal I could latch onto. Would you believe, I couldn’t get on at my old stand-by coffee shop either? It was crazy!

Eventually, I got through to some of my on-line friends, who helped with both moral and actual support by commiserating with me and also helping me spread the word about my new release.

On Thursday, unable to accomplish anything online and having a lot of cucumbers that needed to be used, I spent half the day making bread-and-butter pickles. What a pleasure to indulge in such a satisfying, low-tech activity!

As I write this (Friday), I’m able to get through to the cyberworld, slowly, so I’ll schedule this to post on Saturday — assuming the service still cooperates when I click “Schedule.”

Through all this I have managed to get a little done on my WIP, but the technical frustrations have been distracting. I hope to spend some serious time at it the rest of the day Friday and during the weekend. Am eager to get back to Gannah!

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