Tying Together Disparate Threads (Part 1)

Recently, three thought threads braided themselves together to make a rope to hang me with. The whole thing was so interesting, I thought I’d share the experience. It’s going to be too long and convoluted to fit into one post, though, so I’ll break it down into bits. Please bear with me.

Thought Thread#1:

Back in the 1990s, we put up a dry-erase message board on our fridge.

Between the four kids coming and going and hubby and me working different shifts, communication sometimes proved difficult. This was an easy way to send one another messages – kind of like primitive texting. Whenever one of us would come home, we made it a point look at the message board to see what we needed to know.

Nowadays, with my and my husband’s memories springing more leaks every day, we use the board for leaving notes and reminders to ourselves. We’ve had to replace the message board a few times, and the refrigerator twice. But the board is still in frequent use.

Along with two other local authors, I had a book signing scheduled for Saturday afternoon, December 3 at the Loudonville, Ohio Public Library. Earlier in the week I remembered to get more books to sell and bookmarks to give away, but until late Friday, I’d forgotten about making sure I had small bills in case I needed to make change for people paying cash.

I planned to go to the grocery store on Saturday morning anyway, so I figured it would be easy enough to add a stop at the bank to my list of things to do while I was out. To make sure I didn’t forget, I wrote myself a message in large letters.

Okay, that’s the first thought. Look for the next post to see the second thought thread.

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