Unknown Enemy: Make Friends With This Book

A couple weeks ago, I promised you a review of Janet Sketchley’s latest: Unknown Enemy, the first book in her new Green Dory Inn mystery series. And here it is!

One of the best things about being a writer is meeting other writers. The internet can be a wonderful thing! Janet is one of those friends I’ve never met yet, though I’ve known her for several years.

I believe we were introduced through a contest. Janet, please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you enter Heaven’s Prey in a contest run by Risen Books, my first publisher?

However I came to meet her, when I read that long-awaited debut novel of hers, it blew me away. The subject matter is more than a little jarring–a woman prays for the man who raped and murdered her niece. Seriously? Yes. Seriously. The faith premise makes you sit up and take notice. The writing is skillful. Without resorting to sensationalism, the author builds suspense until the reader’s toes curl. And of course the spiritual thread glitters throughout like solid gold. As Janet says, “Why leave faith out of our stories when it’s part of our lives?”

Those same skills are evident in this book. In fact, it’s evident that whatever she does, this lady does it well. Not only is this a good story, but the cover is perfect, and the whole thing is nicely formatted and edited. That cannot be said about many self-published books.

However, this story didn’t leave me feeling as satisfied as her previous ones. I wanted to know more about the protagonist’s backstory, and even solving the mystery as to who was terrorizing the inn  didn’t seem to answer all my questions. Oh, but wait — this is the first book in a series. That’s a good thing, because I definitely want to know more!

Thank you, Janet, for another good story–and for the promise of more to come.

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2 thoughts on “Unknown Enemy: Make Friends With This Book

  1. Thank you for a glowing review, Yvonne (and I love the wordplay in your title). Glad I could provide a shorter book than some of the ones you’ve waded through recently! Yes, I think the Risen Books contest was where we first connected. Heaven’s Prey came third, if I remember correctly, and that was still pretty encouraging for a beginning author. Maybe that’s how I first found your fiction. I think my prize was a package of books from Risen.

    This is the first time I’ve planned a series where the same core characters stay in the spotlight, and it’s a challenge not to dump all the information and back-story into the first book. But I’m enjoying staying with them from one story to the next.

    1. I wish you luck with your new series, Janet! You’re right, it’s hard to not dump a bunch of info from the 1st book in subsequent stories. I really struggled with that in the Gannah series.

      And now that you jog my memory, I do recall now that your story came in 3rd in the Risen contest. I don’t recall who took 2nd, but I do remember the one that came in 1st. I personally liked yours better, but no one consulted me on that.

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