I’ve never been good at multitasking, and the older I get, the more easily I’m confused. So when I get busy, I can’t think about blogging.

I know you’ve been dying to know what I’ve been up to, so here’s the latest:

Book signing yesterday at my local Christian bookstore. Was pleased that when I sent the newspaper a media release announcing the event, they actually printed it!! More or less–they cut it to ribbons, but they printed all the most important stuff. Nevertheless, the event was neither well attended nor profitable. I didn’t expect much, so I wasn’t disappointed. If I’d seriously wanted a crowd, I would have changed my name to Michelle Obama.

Okay, not seriously. But I had an enjoyable afternoon chatting with the other author present, who as it happens goes to the same church I do, and we have some mutual friends. We just never met before.

Words in the Wind. On Friday, I returned the first round of edits for Book #2 in my Gateway to Gannah series. I was concerned the chronology might be confusing at one point, and the editor agreed this was possibly a problem. So I reorganized some scenes. It was a bit of work, but I think it reads better now. We’ll see what the editor says when she goes through it again.

I had another concern about the end. Personally, I rather liked it, but my critique buddies were divided on the issue. One hated it with a holy passion, another’s response was I love it! I love it! I love it!, and a couple others said they saw what the first person objected to but it didn’t bother them so much. So I was curious to see what the editor would have to say about it. She offered a suggestion that was easy to implement, and I think everyone will be satisfied with the result. I’m getting excited to see this baby in print, and am eager (and a little worried) to see the cover art.

Incidentally, while reviewing the manuscript I realized I really like the book. Better than The Story in the Stars. I think readers will agree.

Family matters continue to make me smile. Our son recently got engaged and they’re planning an October wedding. Our daughter is still awaiting the arrival of the children they’re adopting (see my blog post about that, if you haven’t already). There’s a possibility these two events might happen at roughly the same time. This could make things interesting, but we’re not alarmed. Just taking things one step at a time. However, to avoid the extra drama and expense, I’ve decided to forgo the ACFW conference in September.

And on the subject of the adoptees, when I blogged about it, I neglected to include a link you might be interested in. The family has established a fund to which people can contribute to the cause, should they feel so moved. If you’d like to help, click here.

Travel plans. Some of my writer friends are getting together for a retreat the first weekend in May. We did this last year, too, and had a wonderful time. One of said friends, Susan, is currently vacationing with her husband. They plan to stop here on Tuesday this week, visit a bit, then on Thursday, take me with them when they head for home. After we arrive in Iowa, they’ll deliver me to Glenda, who will have to put up with me for a week, poor thing. Among other things, a book signing in Pella is on the itinerary. Then we’ll retreat on May 4 – 6, after which I’ll fly the friendly skies homeward.

So now you know not only what I’ve been doing, but what I’m planning to do in the near future. I’m sure you feel ever so much better now that this mystery is solved. The next puzzle is: will I blog during my travels? Or will I neglect my duties again?

We’ll find out together!




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2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hey Yvonne,
    I won’t comment on the retreat, you know why, but it’s nice hearing about WITW and Family Matters. I didn’t know the adoption was still on foot. Hope everything goes well with that and your son’s wedding. If you have the time hop over to my blog and see what I’ve been up to.

  2. No wi-fi at my house, so you may be neglecting the blog except for the times we visit hot spots in town. BTW, we may hang out with my two-year-old grandson one day (NOT Thursday). Just FYI.

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