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What Does a Character Have to Do to Be a Protagonist Around Here?

Hoping to find representation for my Gannah series, I met with an agent at a writers’ conference a couple years ago. The agent listened to my spiel about The Story in the Stars. Then, with an expression that made me … Continue reading

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Rambling Along a Leprechaun Trail

I suspect leprechauns don’t make trails. They’re supposed to be magical, after all, and well-worn paths seem awfully mundane. Besides that, they’re just wee little things, and big bumbling folk like us probably couldn’t spot their footpaths if they made … Continue reading

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A Bit of Local Color

When most people hear the name Goodyear, they think of tires. Maybe, depending on the situation, you might think of a high point in your life, a wine vintage, or an old Sinatra song. If you like to watch football … Continue reading

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Why I Grow Purple Beans, Part I (Or, Carrots Grow From Carrot Seeds)

Before I contemplated fiction writing, I considered doing a nonfiction collection of gardening tales called Why I Grow Purple Beans. I still may, someday. But in the meantime, I’ll write a series of posts on the subject. I’ve finally come … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Fountain Filled

I don’t do a lot of book reviews here. One reason: it takes a lot of time to read the book then do the review.  But I make exceptions in some cases — like now. I met the author, Sarah … Continue reading

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