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Saturday Situation Report

It’s been a busy week, and I didn’t get much writing done on my WIP. Just one chapter. But I’m not upset, because, slow though it is, it’s all forward movement. I’m at approximately the halfway point now. A lot … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts: Why I Grow Purple Beans (Part IV)

In my last post, I began to explain how our family got into gardening in a big way in the early 1980s. Now, to continue that thread: One of the banks in town hosted a farmer’s market in their parking … Continue reading

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Monday’s Musing: Hair

I need a haircut. No, my hair’s not as long as the woman’s in the picture, but I need a haircut nonetheless. Perhaps I’ll go today. I used to go to a salon where you made an appointment. That way, … Continue reading

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Saturday Situation Report

Welcome to my second weekly Situation Report. Here’s the situation: 1) I’ve been able to maintain my new blogging schedule for over a week, and am ridiculously impressed with myself; 2) I’ve been making better progress on my WIP than … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts: Snobbery

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that we all think we’re right. If someone disagrees with us, that person is wrong-minded. Obviously! This applies not only to big issues like politics and religion, but also inconsequential … Continue reading

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News Flash: Book #2 Release Date is August 1

I just learned from a Twitter follower who lives in Italy (isn’t that a hoot?) that Words in the Wind, Book #2 in the Gateway to Gannah series, is scheduled for release on August 1. Anyone who hasn’t yet read … Continue reading

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Monday’s Musings: Why I Grow Purple Beans (Part III)

It seems appropriate to start my Monday’s Musings series with a continuation of the garden thoughts begun earlier. In our last exciting episode, Yvonne and family moved from suburban Cleveland to rural Ashtabula County, Ohio. More specifically, here: Note the … Continue reading

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