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Saturday SitRep

We returned from Craig’s mom’s house Thursday evening. She’s doing much better, but the rest of the family will continue keeping an eye on her for the next few days. They’re also signing her up with a life alert service, … Continue reading

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A “Duh” Moment

Rather than discovering some new truth, I merely understood something I’ve always known. We can’t do much to avoid physical decline. Yes, we should keep active and avoid destructive habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and bad diet. But even when … Continue reading

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Saturday SitRep

Returned home from mom-in-law’s last night. Have been trying to get caught up on things at home in preparation for leaving again tomorrow night for another week of Mom-sitting. She’s improving steadily, and all’s well on that front. Meanwhile, tonight … Continue reading

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Saturday SitRep

My mom used to say, “It never rains but it pours.” Probably your mom did too! Well, guess what? It’s pouring! We now have a date for the adoption. The children will leave the Congo (accompanied by a courier) on … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts: Maturity

I once read that in the wild, wolf puppies bark like domestic dogs, but an adult wolf doesn’t bark. That is, in wolfdom, barking is a sign of immaturity. A person could do a lot with that thought. One might, … Continue reading

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Monday’s Musings: Coffee or Tea?

Writers are famous for their love of coffee. I love coffee, but I don’t mainline it. In fact, I usually limit myself to two cups a day. (Long story why — long and dull. I won’t bore you with it.) … Continue reading

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Saturday SitRep

Tuesday evening, we had an enjoyable time at the book signing at the Dover Public Library. With only eight people in the audience, it wasn’t remarkably well attended. But since only three had registered to say they were coming, it … Continue reading

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