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Thursday’s Thoughts: Decisions, Decisions

My friend Michelle brought up something on her blog recently that runs alongside what I’ve lately been thinking. I’m sure you’ve noticed, and it’s hardly worth mentioning, but there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there. About everything, from health … Continue reading

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Monday Musings: Sweet!

When Craig and I were married in October of 1975, we had different ideas about Christmas. (Among other things.) In his mind, there was only one good thing about the holiday, and he loved that one thing: cookies. As far … Continue reading

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Saturday SitRep

I’ve remembered to be thankful and to post what I’m thankful for for the first three days of the planned 365. You’ll also notice that since I promised it, I’ve been keeping my Monday/Thursday/Saturday blogging schedule through thick and thin. … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts: Thanks 365

It’s Thanksgiving Day! And I won’t wax eloquent about it. You’ve probably already heard/read just about all you care to about the historical myths and truths surrounding it, the traditions associated with it, and the proper handling of leftover turkey. … Continue reading

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Monday Fun Day: Quiz Results #1

Some of us weirdlings find this quiz thing fun, so I just might do it again. The days that I dedicate to fun and games shall now hereby be known as Monday Fun Day instead of the usual Monday’s Musings. … Continue reading

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Saturday SitRep

Is it Saturday again already? How’d that happen? It occurred to me a couple days ago that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. Ordinarily, I clean house from top to bottom — cabinets, closets, everything — for the occasion, but have decided … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts: What Constitutes a Fantasy?

Had an interesting email conversation yesterday with a writer friend. The name of author Larry Woiwode came up, and she sent me a link to a blog interview she did with him in 2006. It’s an interesting interview. At first, … Continue reading

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