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Monday Fun Day: Quiz #2

For lack of inspiration, I’ve decided to create another quiz to test your knowledge of Gannah. This time the questions all come from Book #2, Words in the Wind. If you haven’t read it yet, shame on you! Don’t let … Continue reading

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Saturday SitRep

It’s been quite a week! Just noticed I used this “report” image for my Thursday post. Oops! I just now changed it, but meanwhile, people might have wondered what the image had to do with the post. We had a … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts: Poetry

The kids are visiting, which gives me better things to do than blog. (No offense, but it’s true.) So I’ll take the lazy way out and send you over to my post of yesterday on Speculative Faith. As you may … Continue reading

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Monday’s Musings: Artist at Work

A seven-year-old with markers and a sheet of white paper. A landscaper with a shovel, a truck, and a vision. A woman decorating on a budget. A drywall contractor texturing a ceiling. A man with a guitar and the woman … Continue reading

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Saturday SitRep

It’s December 22. But guess what? I’m ready for Christmas! Baking is done, gifts are purchased (or made) and wrapped, everything’s ready to go except Zuri’s birthday cake. I guess it would be nice if I washed the kitchen floor, … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thoughts: Baby Dolls & Fruitcake

I decided to make my newest granddaughter, Zuri Grace, a baby doll for Christmas, which just happens to also be her first birthday. While working on it, it occurred to me that I’d made dolls for my two older girls … Continue reading

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Monday’s Musings: Selective Hearing

Two or three weeks ago (or possibly more), author J. Stephen Miller asked if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing his nonfiction book, Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven: A Brief Introduction in Plain … Continue reading

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