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Granny Grammar’s Test #1: Answer Key

Here are the answers to Granny’s first test. How’d y’all do?   1. An apostrophe is kinda like… A chicken A water balloon A helium balloon that floats to the top of the line and sits at the ceiling One … Continue reading

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Granny Grammar’s Test #1: Apostrophes

Did you kids think I was kidding about that test? Well, think again. Granny Grammar doesn’t kid. Here’s the test. Put your thinking cap on, because it’s not as easy as you might expect. If you flunk, I’ll whip off … Continue reading

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Granny Grammar Returns

Okay, y’all. I’m back. Did you study your lessons from last time? First, a review; then more lessons. We’re still exploring the wonderful world of apostrophes. Remember those fellers? The commas-like things that are like bitty little helium balloons that … Continue reading

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Hey, Y’all (Contemplations on “You” Plural) (Part 1)

Before we begin, a word about the images in this post: To avoid lawsuits by photographers for using their work without permission, I’ve been limiting my image use to those that: 1) I have permission to use; 2) I take … Continue reading

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A Serious Subject

People look forward to Easter because it’s a sign of spring. Whatever your religious persuasion (or lack thereof), it represents hope (of better weather to come) and light (longer days) and beauty (spring flowers and all around more color in … Continue reading

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Saturday Situation Report

I know what you’re thinking: I thought she wasn’t doing Saturday SitReps anymore? Well, you’re right. But as you may have noticed, I haven’t been doing much of anything around here anymore. So I thought this was an efficient way … Continue reading

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