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In Memorial

Today is Memorial Day in this country. I don’t think most of us have any idea of what that’s all about. We see snippets of war on movies, news clips, and TV shows, but for the majority, it never hits … Continue reading

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Taking Sides

I’ve been making good progress on my WIP this week, and that makes me happy! The last chapter of my first draft draws near at long last, and I’m experiencing that burst of energy that comes when the finish line … Continue reading

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Thinking About Grass

Okay, be honest: what was your first thought when you saw the title of this post? The word grass can conjure a number of mental images, from the summery scent of a freshly mown lawn to the giddy feeling that … Continue reading

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Family History

I’m not saying I was born to be a writer, but… I’m told that when it came near time for me to be born, my parents wanted to include the birth announcement in their Christmas cards. Problem was, I stubbornly … Continue reading

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