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Where Seldom is Heard the Perfect Word

I ran across a blog post listing the ten most commonly misused words. In one person’s opinion, at least. I can agree with some of these, like travesty and bemused. One of the words, conversate, I’d never heard of. No great loss, I … Continue reading

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The Write Attitude

Why do we do this to ourselves, we writers? I recently participated in a discussion about whether or not, for a Christian, writing is a “calling.” I’m not sure of the definition of the word, but whether or not it’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Situation Report: Snowy With a Chance of Snow

My recent blog posts have not been cancelled because of the weather. The reason I haven’t been posting is because I’m bone lazy. However, the weather lately has been so noteworthy, I thought I’d make the effort to note it. … Continue reading

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