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Radishes and Rutabagas

Yes, my friends, I’m still talking about vegetables, even though the gardening season is over. Thanksgiving is coming, and, in my opinion, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without rutabaga. Also known as a swede (short for Swedish turnip), yellow turnip, baigie, snagger, … Continue reading

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Blogging Around Town

I’ve been a guest on a couple of other writers’ blogs lately. I’ve listed these (and all the occasions I’ve visited other sites) on the Events and Appearances tab above. But in case you didn’t catch them, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Rambling Contemplations While Rambling

On Tuesday, a rare blue-sky-and-shirt-sleeves November afternoon, I walked to the library to return a book. (The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It’s an international best-seller for very good reason. Though I loved it, I took it back to the … Continue reading

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In Which I Contemplate Love, Thankfulness, and Sin

I thought I remembered writing a post about my thankfulness that God is the God of love. But when I did a search for it, I couldn’t find it. Am I losing my faculties? Perhaps, but that’s a topic for … Continue reading

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