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In Which I Relate Past a Adventure, With Photos and Everything

Yes, I know there’s no SEO value to either the title or the content of this post. I’m just going to tell you a story and not try to sell books, okay? (But if you want to hop over to … Continue reading

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Romans 8:31

Last winter, I wrote about some thoughts prompted by a bumper sticker. Today, on the way home from work I followed a car with a North Carolina license that read GODIS4YU. Or maybe it was GODIS4U, I’m not sure. Either … Continue reading

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Three UnReviews

I’m uncomfortable writing book reviews. They seem so judgmental. Yes, I want people to review my books (hint, hint), but I don’t like giving reviews myself. Is that inconsistent? Lopsided? Self-centered? Probably all of the above.  But that’s the way … Continue reading

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Weird But Fun

I’ve been mentally composing something for my blog the past day or so,  intending to post it today. But then I ran across this, and I just have to share! The other topic can wait until later. In case you’ve … Continue reading

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