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New Stuff Coming Up

Us old dogs adapt slowly to new things, but if you hang around a little longer, you’re likely to see some changes here on Ys Words. Including announcements of new book releases. Woo hoo! After not having published anything since … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview of My WIP: The First Three Scenes

As you may recall, I promised you a peek at my current work-in-progress. Well, maybe you don’t recall, but I do. So here it is! At the beginning, it appears to be a Young Adult novel, but it isn’t; I … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Blog

When I started Y’s Words back in 2010, it was for the purpose of establishing a writing platform–or at least an online presence as a writer. What I’d hoped would be a platform, however, turned out to be an infinitesimal, … Continue reading

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Taking Sides

I’ve been making good progress on my WIP this week, and that makes me happy! The last chapter of my first draft draws near at long last, and I’m experiencing that burst of energy that comes when the finish line … Continue reading

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Saturday Situation Report

I know what you’re thinking: I thought she wasn’t doing Saturday SitReps anymore? Well, you’re right. But as you may have noticed, I haven’t been doing much of anything around here anymore. So I thought this was an efficient way … Continue reading

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